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“It’s not enough to have a good mind,
the main thing is to use it well.”

The Middle-School no 3, the part of the School Complex no 2 is located in an over one -hundred - year - old, historical building. The professional, educational offer makes our students have very good results in subject competitions and special reference tests after middle- school (In the school year 2007/2008 - 1st place in Slupsk). Taking part in numerous extra - curricular classes, young people have opportunities to make progress and develop diverse interests (we have over 30 extra - curricular classes). A large number of our students are members of the prestigious “Fantazja” choir. The School Complex no 2 is a member of TST* and SSA**. The atmosphere at our school makes our pupils feel noticed. We want to bring up the new generation in the spirit of tolerance, modernity and opennes to the world and other people. Our students can learn many foreign languages including English, German, French, Spanish. They can also take part in  international exchange programmes, what helps them to became citizens of the “Global village”. Our staff is highly qualified and open to all needs of students and parents. Their main guideline is to help parents in versatile development of their children. We are proud that not only pupils but also their parents and invited guests willingly take part in our school events.

*- przyp. tłum. - Creative school society.
**- przyp. tłum. - Active school association.